Samantha Shannon

Review: The Bone Season

I just had to take a break before I write this review. It’s a book with action, love and so many hidden truths. Just full of emotions I had to deal with.

So the story is about young Paige that lives in around 2050, where „unnatural“ people, also called clairvoyants, are. Paige works with a couple of other clairvoyants in a group to break into other peoples minds for money. When she goes home from work an incident happens in the tube: She kills an officer. With bad memories she flees and goes home. Moments later men are chasing her and she gets captured. She’s brought to Sheol I.

Clairvoyants are brought there as the ‚Bone Season‘, where the best ones are captured by Rephaims and ‚used‘ for different reasons. Paige is claimed by Arcturus, the Warden. By the time she’s with him, she finds out that other clairvoyants, or simply called humans by the Rephs, are treated very differently than her. Arcturus is really nice to her and even wants to have a proper conversation with her one hour a day.

Throughout the story, great things happen and crazy things come out. It’s a book, where you want the main characters to finally just kiss each other. The humor in this book is not much but placed ver wisely.

I highly recommend this book to you! I always had to read like 10 pages to get into the story, every time, but when the part I had to read was over, I didn’t want to stop for nothing. I read this book with @bookwormjane and it was so good, we’re planning on reading the next two together as well ♥